Saxophonists you should know about

The sound of saxophones can bring joy in our hearts and sadness in our eyes. The skills of a talented saxophonist will change our mood the way he wants and his music will remain in our memory for hours. Even since Adolphe Sax made the first saxophone back in 1841 numerous people have played this instrument. But these are some of the artists who will always be remembered as the gods of sax.

Most influential saxophonists ever

Some artists influenced the work of thousands saxophonists. Probably one of the best saxophonists ever is Charlie Parker, who split the Sax era into before Charlie Parker and after Charlie Parker. This talented musician played a major role in the development of Jazz. Not only that he was one of the founders of bebop, but he also brought classical and Latin influences into jazz music. In addition to this, he utilized new chords substitutions into musical compositions and he was the one who introduced revolutionary harmonic ideas that brought 9ths, 11ths and even 13ths of chords into jazz.

John Coltrane and Coleman Hawkins are definitely two saxophonists you should have known by now. If John Coltrane was one of the most famous players of bebop, free jazz and hard bop and he introduced new ways and new musical modes, Coleman Hawkins or “Hawk” was the one who managed to turn the saxophone into a prominent voice in jazz. Listen to “Body and Soul” and hear how he rewrote the rules of how to play jazz. Music does not mean that you have to stay or sing in lane and these artists prove that there is always room for some more and something better.

Yet Eric Dolphy, Lester Young and Sonny Rollins are some other amazing saxophonists that you should hear when you are in the mood for some great jazz. Turn on the music player and discover their considerable contributions into sax music!